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About collages and congratulations

Sat May 12, 2007, 12:22 PM
  • Mood: Pride
Welcome to EuroChat, the official site behind- yes you guessed it right-, the EuroChat. EuroChat is the new and improved version of #Euro. Some major (necessary) changes were put through and therefore we have this account.
This account was mainly created to
give the users a sense of our rules,
keep them informed with updates,
give them the chance to have influence by making suggestions
and to give Eurochat a face . (well... faces)
So please get yourself comfortable with the staff and get ready to enter the friendliest chat you'll probably find at dA :D Enjoy!
For the rules of this chat we ask of you to check out this…

:bulletred:  For those of you who have not received the mass note that has been sent to inform the chatters of our collage project, here is a copy of the original note.

Hello fellow Eurochat members,

Eurochat wants to have a face out there in the big, wide world of the Internet and especially here on dA. To do that we came up with the idea of having a big collage with photo's of not only the founders and staff but also that of our members to just show what Eurochat is made off
But to do this, we need your pictures. So, do you want to be a part of this and recognized as being a part of the greatest community out there?
Then send us your best recent picture, it could be a funny one, a serious one, one of you holding a sign, whatever, we just want Eurochat to have a face [ or more than one, in this case].
We'll of course treat the photo with the utmost respect.

Pictures can be noted to ~EuroChat, for questions, just hop in #eurochat, or note =Riangel

With best regards,

the staff of Eurochat.

:bulletblue: Other news:
For the Norwegian deviants, there is going to be a devmeet on the 16th of june . For more info contact PunkAngel and/or monatorgersen

There is going to be a German Devmeet in Frankfurt from 11-13 May. This meet is currently happening and there's word that at least four of our regular Eurochat chatters is present there, so maybe we can get a story out of it ;p

You might have noticed the continual absence of our mayors. It is hoped this will change anytime soon for the better.

Some time ago, Eurochat was an 'english-only' room. This was due to some unfortunate happenings in the chat, but as we are a EURO room after all it would be silly to continue that. So as of lately it has been multi-languaged again. But please, don't flood the room with your own non-english language if there are many people around. Remember it's a chatroom for all of us, so we would like to keep it social and open to all of us. If we notice any abuse of this, we might have to consider going back to english-only and many mayors don't want this. So, keep it nice and friendly and all will be happy ^-^

Some of you might also have noticed the slow or well, no response to your comments or suggestions for the room. It is promised now that this will be changed for the better. So keep sending your suggestions and ideas for we love to hear them. Thanks! Also if you want us to help you promote things like devmeets, contact us and we'll most likely say yes to it

:bulletpurple: p.s Has everybody been watching the Eurovision Songfestival in Helsinki? (or is that too 'gay' for you? :giggle: )  (damn Holland lost in half finals, what a surprise.. >.< ) Yay for the performance of Lordi and Apocalyptica (though honestly- Akaiyume for one was hoping for The Rasmus or Him :D )
Aniwaaaay, congratulations to Servia! :clap: :party: :winner: It was a good song (Akaiyume speaking- though she was rooting for Sweden and it seemed she was pretty lonely in that XD) But Servia, as said, it is a good song and a well-deserved winner. So next year: Belgrado :#1:
Aaaand, let's hope the Uk has learned its lesson and come up with something serious for a change... as if they actually want to fight for the win :no: Then again, this goes out for (nearly) all Western European Countries. Let's have a great show next year again. Peace out.


:iconlazygunn::iconmuenzmann: :iconlevithnin: :iconsundayx: :icondiamond281: :iconriangel:

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